Me and my life

Hey there beautiful people,

So, since I got a few readers, I think it would be time to tell something about myself and what I experienced. I first wanted to do some kind of ‘draw my life’ youtube video, but my life has been quite a roller-coaster over the last years, so that would make a loooooong video. 

Let’s start with the beginning. I’m Anouk Schurink and I live in the Netherlands. I was born at august 20th of 1997. I was the second child but the first child died after 3 weeks, which is really sad because I saw pictures and some kind of diary my mom kept and all the positivity and hope really hit me. They decided to have another baby and I really respect that. I think they are so strong together for making this choice. About 2 years later my first brother was born, his name is Sybe (which is a pretty name to me) and 1.5 years later my second brother was born and he’s called Jochem. We lived in a really small town and I enjoyed it. 

At primary school I didn’t had that many friends and I’ve always been an insecure kid so I felt kinda lonely but at that time I didn’t really care because I had 1 best friend she’s called Anne and she lived next to me for about 13(?) years I guess so I kind of lived at her place too. I also had some other friends, one of them is now one of my (two) best friends.On primary school I didn’t really experienced much I realise now. I moved to a farm when I was 6 or 7. It isn’t really a farm farm but more like a house farm, we don’t have cows and stuff. That was pretty much the most exciting thing I experienced until the age of 10. When I was 10 my little baby sister was born and she was just the cutest little girl I had ever seen. Now she is like my little best sister buddy, yay.

Than I went to middle school and I guess that’s kinda where my life went down. The first year I was like one of the girls that didn’t really fitted in anywhere. I felt kinda lonely the first year. The second year though was a bit better, I made friends and I finally thought I was going to go somewhere. I had good grades and lots of friends and I was a happy kid. Well on the outside, on the inside I felt lonely even though I wasn’t , but I was always like the 5th wheel, The others got along more and I always thought they liked each other more than they like me. In the third year everyone left my and I started to become depressed, I build up a wall of happiness so no one would suspect anything. Some bad stuff happened and it al went downwards. I started to self harm and I had suicidal thoughts, my grades went down and my parents got mad at me because of that and I truly felt like it didn’t matter if I was alive or not. I walked around with that thoughts for like 2.5 years. I accidentally told my (ex)boyfriend bout how I felt and he helped me to get help even though I didn’t want any help. I always wanted to do everything alone. My parents found out about my self harm and they sent me to a doctor who sent me to a psychologist. I had a 1 hour talk once a week and I had to keep a diary. It didn’t helped at all so after my worst period I was sent to a critical clinical. I’ve been there for a week and after that I started daycare. 2 months went by and it only started to get worse so we decided ( yes me too ) it was better to go to an0 intern clinical. (like staying there for 24 hours a day). It was quite a journey, the fist two months they were finding out what I had ( besides a depression) and I apparently had ADHD. The 2 months after that it started to go upwards, which brought me to the point I am now. I am currently about to get back to home and I am doing good now. I have not many people to rely on but I am really grateful to have the friends I have now.  

So yeah that was the story so far. It is kinda long as I said and it actually is longer than I mentioned, but not everything that happened is meant for the internet. I hope you enjoyed reading it, well in some way. If you know anyone who suffered from depression or any form of disorder which looks like it, they can always come to me for help or to share their story. I would love to read or hear all of your lifetime stories.

Lots of love,



Catrice Absolute Nude Palette – Review

Hey there beautiful people,

A little while ago I bought a Catrice palette, the ‘absolute nude’ palette. I am a bit late to the party because it’s a kind of an old palette but, since I really love this palette, I thought why not review it. Catrice is a low budget brand (drug-store/high-street). It has a big variation of make-up. I know that in the UK it’s really odd to find this brand. Wet ‘n Wild has some witch I know of. In America I don’t know where to get them, sorry. 

So this is how it looks, It’s simple but it still has all the colours you need for a nude eye-look


All the colours are shimmery, so there is no matte one. Personally I don’t really mind this, I think it gives some kind of extra flair to a nude eye compared to matte colours. All the colours are browny shades, you can also almost make a smokey eye with these colours. They are also quite pigmented which I like. Looking at quality, this palette will get a high grade.  Also budget wise this is a huge win. This palette was only 4 euros! I use this palette almost on daily basis and so far I really like it and i would highly recommend this one!

Lots of love,




Rimmel London – match perfection foundation

Hey there beautiful people,

Soo, this product might have reviewed or recommend or whatever a million times but I just wanted to share my opinion on it.

I went shopping and I was looking for new foundation just to try and I stumbled around this one. It looked good, it’s in a glass bottle (which I like because it looks more professional?) and it’s a little bit shimmering. I bought one in shade 100 Ivory which is quite light skin. I’ts a Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation. It says: ” traceless coverage foundation with advanced smart-tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light.Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day.”
This sounds really good and I quite agree with it. It truly lasts all day (which is very rare for me because I somehow manage to always end up with an foundationless face) and it gives a natural glow. It looks really natural to me, you don’t have to put on a thick layer and it isn’t obvious you’re wearing any at all (in a good way).
Now, what I have done is, I made pictures of the ‘process’. So first this is a picture of my make-upless face.

than I putted on a thin layer and it looked like this.

I wasn’t really sure if I was happy with it so I putted on a second layer. (didn’t really had an effect though)

then I finished it with concealer, bronzer, blusher, eye shadow, eye-liner, mascara and eyebrow powder.

That’s the result.
I’m quite impressed, it is light to medium coverage. It feels soft on the skin and it isn’t all shiny and glowy. I would really recommend this one. It isn’t that pricey so that’s good if you run out of budget. I guess you can buy this in all make-up stores.
Lots of love,

Daily Make-up Routine

Hey there,

I wanted to show you my daily make-up routine. I wanted to do this one a little different so I made a Video. (how exciting). 

Sorry for the watermark, I just hadn’t had the time to buy the whole version.. >.<

The products I used are:
* BB cream from Maybelline New York 
Multi colour Powder from catrice
Smokey eye set from catrice
Calligraph eye-liner from catrice
Eyebrow set from catrice

I use a lot from Catrice, I just love the brand. It is a cheap brand so it’s budget proof. I changed my routine  little bit since this video.

Lots of love,

This is me

Hey there beautiful people,

I’m new to the whole internet/blogging/YouTube thing. I know there a LOTS and LOTS of beauty/make up/fashion bloggers, but I’m just trying to share the things I use. I don’t really have much money to buy stuff and once in a while I go crazy. Soooo, for those with a low budget or those who want to know what I use (not like there are much persons like that but kay) I thought I’d start a blog. 

So who am I? I’m a sixteen year old girl from the Netherlands and my name is Anouk. I’m not a pro at English so there may be some or a lot mistakes. Sorry for that I REALLY love photography, writing and filming which is also a huge reason why I start blogging. I don’t really have any experience with blogging. So I’m just writing around and I’ll see if anyone find it interesting to read what I have to tell. 

I want to say, I’m not in any way at all a Beauty/Fashion expert I’m just telling what I think is the truth. Still, It’s my opinion so yours doesn’t have to be the same.

I’ll try to blog as many as possible and maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel to actually film things for you. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and all comments are welcome.

Lots of Love,

this is me by the way