This is me

Hey there beautiful people,

I’m new to the whole internet/blogging/YouTube thing. I know there a LOTS and LOTS of beauty/make up/fashion bloggers, but I’m just trying to share the things I use. I don’t really have much money to buy stuff and once in a while I go crazy. Soooo, for those with a low budget or those who want to know what I use (not like there are much persons like that but kay) I thought I’d start a blog. 

So who am I? I’m a sixteen year old girl from the Netherlands and my name is Anouk. I’m not a pro at English so there may be some or a lot mistakes. Sorry for that I REALLY love photography, writing and filming which is also a huge reason why I start blogging. I don’t really have any experience with blogging. So I’m just writing around and I’ll see if anyone find it interesting to read what I have to tell. 

I want to say, I’m not in any way at all a Beauty/Fashion expert I’m just telling what I think is the truth. Still, It’s my opinion so yours doesn’t have to be the same.

I’ll try to blog as many as possible and maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel to actually film things for you. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and all comments are welcome.

Lots of Love,

this is me by the way

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