Catrice Absolute Nude Palette – Review

Hey there beautiful people,

A little while ago I bought a Catrice palette, the ‘absolute nude’ palette. I am a bit late to the party because it’s a kind of an old palette but, since I really love this palette, I thought why not review it. Catrice is a low budget brand (drug-store/high-street). It has a big variation of make-up. I know that in the UK it’s really odd to find this brand. Wet ‘n Wild has some witch I know of. In America I don’t know where to get them, sorry. 

So this is how it looks, It’s simple but it still has all the colours you need for a nude eye-look


All the colours are shimmery, so there is no matte one. Personally I don’t really mind this, I think it gives some kind of extra flair to a nude eye compared to matte colours. All the colours are browny shades, you can also almost make a smokey eye with these colours. They are also quite pigmented which I like. Looking at quality, this palette will get a high grade.  Also budget wise this is a huge win. This palette was only 4 euros! I use this palette almost on daily basis and so far I really like it and i would highly recommend this one!

Lots of love,





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