TAG | This or That

Hey there,

So I decided to do a TAG. I never did one before and I think it would be fun to do so here we go.

The questions:
Blush or Bronzer | Blush, I find that I’m more likely to forget bronzer.
Lipgloss or Lipstick | LIPSTICK, definitely lipstick. I just love lipstick.
Eyeliner or Mascara | Mascara, I always wear mascara if I go outside, I can completely go nude except for mascara. I don’t really know why but I think I look a lot younger if I don’t wear mascara.
Foundation or Concealer | Foundation, even though I have bad undereye circles but foundation covers a lot of it so yea.
Neutral or Color Eyeshadow | Nude, , I am not really into the colour eyeshadow thingie and I always wearnude eyeshadow.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows | Pressed, I think it applies more smooth.
Brushes or Sponges | I never use sponges so I have to go with brushes

O.P.I or China Glaze | O.P.I , I don’t really know why
Long or Short | Long but not to long even though my nails are always short * sad face *.
Acrylic or Natural | Natural, I find out of experience that I have to be, or at least feel like I have to be, a lot more careful with Acrylic nails.
Brights or Darks | Darks, I like brights for summer but darks can go all year long.
Flower or No Flower | I love nailart so definitely flower.

Perfume or Body Splash | Perfume, I love love love love perfume.
Lotion or Body Butter | body butter, I just love the formula of bodt butter.
Body wash or Soap | Soap all the way.
LUSH or Other Bath Company | LUSH, I love lush and I guess I can spend days in that shop just smelling everything.

Jeans or Sweat pants | Sweat pants because I find them suiting me better.
Long sleeve or Short | long sleeves because I like the winter and putting on warm clothes.
Dresses or Skirts | dresses, really classy ones tho.
Stripes or Plaid | plaid I guess
Flip flops or Sandals | sandals, flipflops are for home wear but sandals for school and shopping and everything I love sandals
Scarves or Hats | hats, they probably won’t suit me but Becca Rose ROCKS them
Studs or Dangly Earrings | I don’t really wear earrings but if I do I wear dangly ones.
Necklaces or Bracelets | Necklaces.
Heels or Flats | flats, I love heels for special occasions but I mostly wear flats. 
Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots | none sorry
Jacket or Hoodie | hoodie , I always wear hoodies when I am home.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe | Forever 21
Abercombie or Hollister | Hollister
Saks 5th or Nordstrom | Nordstrom

Curly or Straight | Strait
Bun or Ponytail | Bun
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips | Bobby pins
Hair spray or Gel | hairspray
Long or Short | long
Light or Dark | Dark, I love both tho
Side sweep bangs or Full bangs | Side sweep
Up or Down | down

Rain or Shine | rain, because you can be inside and be warm and stuff
Summer or Winter | winter bc beautiful
Fall or Spring | fall, because I love the fall colours
Chocolate or Vanilla | Chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate
East coast or West coast | I don’t really have a meaning on this one.

I hope you enjoyed this one, maybe I’ll do one more often, leave a like or a comment if you want to read more of these.

Lots of love,

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Back to school | What’s in my schoolbag

Hey there,

some of you may not go to school any more but, for the ones who do, here are the things I have in my schoolbag.

This is my bag, it´s a really cheap one, which I got from Kruitvat I guess, only € 14,99.

DSC02322 DSC02333


So lets start the first thing I grab are books. Well I don’t have to tell why I have that in my bag.The second thing I have is a notebook and a agenda also no explanation needed and a bottle of water in case you get thirsty.


The next thing is my beauty bag. Inside my beauty bag I have some hair serum, baby lips, powder + brush, concealer, a mirror, eyebrow stuff, lipsticks, a nail file and my tangle teaser. 


The next thing in my bag is my case, in there are pens, pencils a gum and a pair of scissors.


next up is my little bag for coins and my purse. Well no details for that.


Last but not least my mobile phone with those really cute monster earplugs and a little box for my bobby pins and hair bands and that is all what’s in there.


I hope you liked this kind of what’s in my bag post, leave a like or a comment if you think I should do this again sometime and if it has to be a video or just a blogpost like this.

Lots of love,

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Celebrity look-a-like | Katy Perry

Hey there,

I’ve been searching the internet for new ideas to post on my blog and I stumbled across some youtubers who make an “Celebrity inspired look”. I’ve always been interested in the make-up of celebrities and I recreated a lot of looks. I hope I’m not the only one who find it interesting to experiment with make-up so I started to recreate this Katy Perry look. I want to make clear, I am in no way a make-up expert and there may be some mistakes in here, but this is just how I made it. All the products will be mentioned down below.


If you know who Katy is you can skip this part. For the ones who don’t know who she is here is a quick update. “Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. After having three record deals fall apart, she signed with Capitol in 2007. Later that year, she released her first single, “Ur So Gay.” Still, her career did not fully take off until the release of her next single, “I Kissed a Girl”. Her album Teenage Dreams was released in August 2010.” – http://www.biography.com/people/katy-perry-562678#synopsis Her newest album, Prism, was released in October 2013. It includes the songs Roar, Unconditionally and Dark Horse. Katy has always been a big inspiration to me, make-up wise and music wise. Now that you’ve been updated, Lets start.

Katy is known of her flawless skin, witch means foundation and concealer. If you can afford a High End brand, you should go with the MAC studio fix foundation and concealer. But for the ones who can’t afford that, a cheap option is the Rimmel Match perfection foundation and the Catrice Re-touch Light Reflecting concealer.

Seeing the picture, I think she doesn’t wear Bronzer or Blush ( maybe a little bit of blush ). So we are going to the next step which is eyes. Katy wears a Blue Shimmering Eye Liner, for High End you can use a Urban Decay Kiddie Pool Eye Shadow with an angled brush, for Budged brands you can use the Catrice Metallic eyeshadow Katy wears a cat eye so that is what we’re going to do, draw a thick line. Katy wears fake lashes in this picture with a thin line of black eye liner but I want to keep it natural so I use my L’oreal Miss Manga mascara ( I fell in love with this mascara ) and Catrice Calligraph Liner.

Last but not least, lips and eyebrows. Katy wears a baby pink lipstick and you can use the MAC Bombshell (frost) Lipstick for this one or, for the low budget, the Catrice 300 Kiss Me If You Can. For eyebrows you can use what ever you like, I used Catrice Eyebrow Set.


And there it is, the finished look. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I also hope you find the High End – Low Budget idea a nice idea.

Lots of love,

Back to school | 3 simple styles

Hey there,

It’s almost the time of the year where we have to go back to school. That’s kind of the only inspiration for this post. So, basically I am just going to show you 3 simple styles for the new year. The first is quite nude, the second is cat eye and the third is a more complete make-up look. All the products will be listed below with a link. Hope you enjoy.

1. This is more a nude look. Make-up wise I wear Foundation, Concealer and Mascara. I have a braid in my hair and a quite plain black outfit. Nothing more, nothing less. This look is perfect if you don’t wear that much make-up.


2. This is the Cat-Eye look. Also, clothes wise It’s very summery. Make-up is almost the same as the nude look but I added a Cat-Eye and a pink lipstick. I wear a white high waisted short, a plain black top and a croptop above that. I putted my hair in a ponytail.


3. The last look is a more complete look, it’s a look for a colder day. Make-up wise I added Bronzer, Blush and red lipstick. I putted my hair up in a kind of messy bun. I wear Denim jeans, a black top and a vest.


As I said, these are all really simple styles. I hope you liked reading this. If you have any other ideas for simple looks, leave it in the comments. AND I wanted to wish you all the best of luck for the new year!

Lots of love

The products;

Make-Up |

Rimmel London – Match Perfection Fondation

Catrice – Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer

L’oreal Paris – Miss Manga Mascara

Catrice – Calligraph liner

Catrice – Lipstick Kiss me if you can

Maxfactor – Lip pencil Passionate Red

Catrice – Blush love and Peach

Unknown Bronzer

Clothes are unknown because I couldn’t find any receive >.<

L’oreal Paris – Miss Manga Mascara | Review

Hey there,

A couple days ago I picked up the L’oreal Paris “MISS MANGA” mascara. I heard mixed feelings about this one so, why not try and review it for you guys. On the L’oreal site I found “Miss manga features a 360 degree flexible brush for effortless application. Its unique brush has a flat surface to intensify and amplify upper lashes while its conical shape capture the lower lashes. Formulated with collagen spheres and polymers for ultimate volume and hold.” 


I love the package, the pink lid and the black bottom give a playfull effect to the mascara, Since the mascara is called Miss Manga, this is perfect. The shape of the brush is a bit wavey. I think that’s a plus because I guess it will give a volume boost. Indeed they are the first one with a 360 degree flexible brush, I personally think this doesn’t make any difference, but we will see.
Now is says it will give a enormous volume, I personally don’t have the longest lashes and my eyelids hang down a bit, so that’s a good sign.


without mascara


with mascara


from a distance

Applying is really easy, the brush grabs all the lashes and it gives a huge volume boost as you can see. I feel like it is a bit clumpy though which is a slightly – point but it also makes your lashes look bigger and fuller so I guess it’s fine by me. The mascara really opens up your eyes, they look a lot bigger. I do think the brush works this well because of its flexibility. Good job L’oreal!

I am in love with this mascara, it does its work perfectly and I would definitely recommend this one. I’m usually not really impressed with mascaras since I want them to be easy, volumizing and give a lot of length. Most masacaras have one or two of these plusses but not all three, so I’m happy I bought this one.

Lots of love,

Little ideas to decorate your bedroom

Hey there,

Since my family and myself are going to move houses, I’ve been thinking about some ideas to decorate my bedroom. The room I have now is a little small, so I never really decorated it. I wanted to try out some things so I started decorating. There are a few things I did which I liked, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Now here is  my empty room.


At first I started to decorate the walls. Just little things like paintings, bookshelves or just a mirror makes it look a lot more cosy. Some of my ideas are cards and pictures. It is personal which makes your room a lot more YOUR room.


For lighting you can choose either just a hanging lamp, some wall lamps or some standing lamps. I had this room since I was 8 ( I guess ) so my lamp is really old but functional. To give my room a little more cosiness I added some Christmas lights. It may sound weird but it gives a really warm glow to your room.


Next up, other decoration. I chose for some candles and jars. Since I don’t really have a place to work on (in my room), I can’t decorate a desk, but if you buy some jars, candles and candy you can decorate a desk quite well. You don’t want it to get too busy because you have to work on it. Pick one jar and take the lid of and put some pencils in there. If you have little candles at home you can put pencils in 1 jar and a little light in the other one and it gives a cute effect. I really like to have some candy or fruits with me if I work/learn so I bought a slightly bigger jar and some Werther caramel thingies.I choose those because the goldy/browny colours look cute with the candle. Put the candy in the jar and you’re done. 


To decorate your bed you can buy some pillows or a cute bedding, I didn’t do that because it would make my room to busy. I just have a book, my mobile and my laptop there.


So that was it, I hope it helped you. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading. 

Lots of love,


Diadermine Day and Night crème N°110 – Review

Hey there!

I’m sorry for taking so long to post again. It’s not that I was that busy. Well I kinda am actually…. My family and myself are moving houses but, the house we are going to live in has to get a huge renovation and I’m helping. With those busy days I sometimes forget to take good care of my skin. I started to notice I was getting a bit of dry skin. I started to use my mom her crème and this is my opinion about it.

Diadermine has launched a new collection of products the N°110 collection. Diadermine turned 110 years in 2014 and they made a collection because of that. That’s also why it’s called the N°110. So lets give it a look




Click on one of the pictures, the first picture is linked to the night crème and the second to the day crème

At first the packaging, it looks quite professional because of the little glass jar and the baby pink lid. It says it’s dermatologically tested so that’s a good sign. The day crème will blur wrinkles and moisturise the skin. It also has radiance for a natural glow. The night crème nourishes the skin and will make it look smooth and radiant in the morning.

So I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks I guess and I don’t actually have wrinkles but I do think it makes my skin stronger. I think it’s important to moisturise your skin. It also ads radiance which I like since I like it when my skin has a natural glow.

My mom is using this too and I she purchased it again so I guess that’s a good sign. I would recommend this to people with dry skin. If you have oily skin I wouldn’t use this because I think it will make your skin even oilier 

Lots of love,