Little ideas to decorate your bedroom

Hey there,

Since my family and myself are going to move houses, I’ve been thinking about some ideas to decorate my bedroom. The room I have now is a little small, so I never really decorated it. I wanted to try out some things so I started decorating. There are a few things I did which I liked, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Now here is  my empty room.


At first I started to decorate the walls. Just little things like paintings, bookshelves or just a mirror makes it look a lot more cosy. Some of my ideas are cards and pictures. It is personal which makes your room a lot more YOUR room.


For lighting you can choose either just a hanging lamp, some wall lamps or some standing lamps. I had this room since I was 8 ( I guess ) so my lamp is really old but functional. To give my room a little more cosiness I added some Christmas lights. It may sound weird but it gives a really warm glow to your room.


Next up, other decoration. I chose for some candles and jars. Since I don’t really have a place to work on (in my room), I can’t decorate a desk, but if you buy some jars, candles and candy you can decorate a desk quite well. You don’t want it to get too busy because you have to work on it. Pick one jar and take the lid of and put some pencils in there. If you have little candles at home you can put pencils in 1 jar and a little light in the other one and it gives a cute effect. I really like to have some candy or fruits with me if I work/learn so I bought a slightly bigger jar and some Werther caramel thingies.I choose those because the goldy/browny colours look cute with the candle. Put the candy in the jar and you’re done. 


To decorate your bed you can buy some pillows or a cute bedding, I didn’t do that because it would make my room to busy. I just have a book, my mobile and my laptop there.


So that was it, I hope it helped you. If not, I hope you enjoyed reading. 

Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Little ideas to decorate your bedroom

  1. I love the damask wallpaper! My favorite things to personalize your space with are throw pillows, candles, and decorative lights/mirrors.


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