Back to school | What’s in my schoolbag

Hey there,

some of you may not go to school any more but, for the ones who do, here are the things I have in my schoolbag.

This is my bag, it´s a really cheap one, which I got from Kruitvat I guess, only € 14,99.

DSC02322 DSC02333


So lets start the first thing I grab are books. Well I don’t have to tell why I have that in my bag.The second thing I have is a notebook and a agenda also no explanation needed and a bottle of water in case you get thirsty.


The next thing is my beauty bag. Inside my beauty bag I have some hair serum, baby lips, powder + brush, concealer, a mirror, eyebrow stuff, lipsticks, a nail file and my tangle teaser. 


The next thing in my bag is my case, in there are pens, pencils a gum and a pair of scissors.


next up is my little bag for coins and my purse. Well no details for that.


Last but not least my mobile phone with those really cute monster earplugs and a little box for my bobby pins and hair bands and that is all what’s in there.


I hope you liked this kind of what’s in my bag post, leave a like or a comment if you think I should do this again sometime and if it has to be a video or just a blogpost like this.

Lots of love,

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