Favourites | Top 5 Lipsticks/lipglosses


I thought of starting a new weekly thing on my blog which is a top 3 or 5 of my favourite products. This won’t be like a monthly favourites ( I’ll do that every 1st of the month) but favourites on one piticular part so, lips, blushes, bronzer, foundation and all that good stuff. Since I don’t have a huge makeup collection and not at all high end products, the first few posts in this serie ( ? ) will be low budget. So lets start.

As you all know I love the brand Catrice, no mirical I have some of them in here. The ones I want to mentoin are 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss to start with the lipsticks. Both of them are Ultimate colour ones. The first one is nr. 190 “the nuder the better”, I love this lipstick because it is a beautiful nude browny colour and I love my nudes. The formular is good, it’s pigmented and it lasts a long time). The same for the next colour which is 300 “kiss me if you can” this is a pretty Barbie pink shimmery colour, I used it for my Katy Perry tutorial. The Catrice lipglos I love is the Made to stay smoothing lip polish in the colour 010 which is a purple/brown/nude lipgloss. This lipgloss shines a lot and gives a really smooth effect to your lips.

Next up is Maxfactor with the lipfinity lastinglip tint in the colour 05. This lipstick smels and tastes amazing. Not like you buy lipstick for that but it is a plus. The colour is matte, which I like a lot, and gives a darker tint to your lips. I can’t really discirbe the colour it gives, it is like a browny/reddish colour. I think it is beautiful.


Last but not least is the L’oreal 6H Glam shine in the colour 103 “forever nude”. This is basically just a LOT of shimmer. I also think the packaging is so classy and gorgeous. I don’t know if they stil sell this colour because I own it for a really long time. Whenever I wear this lipgloss I feel daring and glamorous and I would reallt recommend this if you love your shimmery lipgloss.

So that is about it. If you like these posts, leave a comment below with what you want to see next. I love you al and take care!

Lots of Love,

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