Review | Andrélon Hair Serum

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I’ve been trying out some hair products lately and especially hair serums. I never find one that works for my hair. I dyed my hair a couple times and lately I bleached the lower ends of my hair, which is never good for your hair. Well, I wanted to try out some serums to see if it helps. I tried a couple over the last year but no one really stood out untill I tried the Andrelon one so I thought I’d share it with you.

Well the packaging is really small and handy to take everywere. I find it handy when packages are small but still last a really long time. This serum does that. It is a quite simple package so not a lot to say about that.


On the andrélon site I found that the serum has to “The serum gives damaged hair an intensive healing boost. The weightless formula helps to prevent split ends and goes against fluff. The result is beautiful, shiny hair that looks healthy and silky soft.” I Agree with that. I find that my hair is softer and easier to work with. I also find that it works as a heat protecting as well. I’ve used this product for the last month I guess and I’ve used it every day in the morning. I’ve used it with the andrelon Care & Repair Shampoo and conditioner. So if it doesn’t work for you, try those out and use them together.
I have some pictures of how it was a month ago and how it’s now to show you the difference.

DSC01497 IMG_5030 Before

WIN_20140826_122016WIN_20140707_121700 after

I would really recommend this one since it works for me. You don’t have to share my meaning but this is just my opinion on it. Please leave a like and comment if you like me to review more hair products or want me to try out some stuff.

Lots of love,

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