Sometimes you have to give yourself a little reward

Hey there,

Days of school, days of work and days of dilemmas. It all seems so normal. We are used to work really heart to reach our goals in life and if we finally reached one goal, we head on the an other without even rewarding ourselves for what we’ve done. I think it’s about time to take your time and treat yourself for everything you did in life. You may think ” But I have to do so much work “. A lot of people think a reward is something really big. Well, a treat doesn’t have to be really big, you can also enjoy the little things in life. Because people think to much in big things I thought, I’d show some small options. 

The first option may sound odd, but it can give so much pleasure. Food. I know, that isn’t something you would expect but a delicious snack or meal can be a really good treat. If you work a whole day you may not want to put effort in to cooking a meal. Well, go out for dinner! If you reached something great, you deserve it! If you are at school all day and you have to eat what your mother cooks, try a delicious snack if you got a high note. Something I love is apples with cinnamon.


The second option is, buy yourself something expensive. For example, I yesterday bought a Benefit blush because I realised what I reached in the last year, especially getting out of my depression. If you like jewellery more, buy an expensive bracelet for example. If you enjoy fashion way more, buy that lovely dress you wanted for a long time. For once it doesn’t matter it is expensive because you worked for it. This is the perfect reward if you want to quit smoking. For every time you want to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes you put 5 pound in a jar and if after a month you haven’t smoked, you can use that money to buy something as a reward.


The third option is something you can do at home, have a Pamper Evening. Make a bath, light some candles, put on a mask and read a book. Take time completely to yourself. If you are in a rush everyday it is amazing how relaxing it can work. I will do something like this when I feel really bad or if I’m really stressed. It helps to calm yourself down and think about everything that goes well.


The fourth and last one is do something you enjoy, for me this is blogging or watch a movie. It isn’t bad to forget a day of homework because you wanted to watch that new movie, just don’t do that every day. It is okay to say you’re sick if you have to have a day for yourself, as least f you don’t do it to often. Enjoy life, that is the most important thing in the world. Life is full of beautiful things and that isn’t there for nothing. 


Lots of love,

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