How to | Quickly change your make-up look

Hey there,

First I want to apologise for not uploading as much as I used to, it has some reasons though. I’ve been sick and super busy at the same time and I got a bit stressed. 

Now lets get started with this post. Today I’m going to show you how you can change your make-up look really quickly. We are going to start with a basic look. 

The products


1. Nude palette by Catrice

2. Prime and Fine by Catrice

3. Ultimate shine lipstick by Catrice in the colour 270

4. Compact powder by Catrice

5. Brow gel by Catrice 

(sorry for the amount of Catrice, I just love the brand)

6. True match foundation by L’Oréal Paris

7. Hervana by Benefit

8. Prime and fine (eyes) by Catrice

9. 24h made to stay concealer by Maybeline

10. Miss manga mascara by L’Oréal Paris

And that will look like this:


This look is really natural and basic. This is more like a everyday look.

For the second look you add these products


1. Catrice Eyebrow set

2. Catrice Calligraph liner 

3. Catrice ultimate colour lipstick in the colour 300

And you add a darker colour from the nude palette in your crease 

And that will look like this:


This look is still quite basic and a look you can wear to almost everywhere.

For the last look you add these products:


1. Maxfactor Lipstick pen in the dark red colour

2. Big Bold Bronzer by NYC

3. PUPA Kohlpencil

and the darkest colour of the palette in the outer V of the eye

And that will look something like this:


This look is a bit darker and more a look for autumn and winter because of the darker lip. 

Lots of love,     

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