Review | Maybeline superstay 24h Concealer

Hey there,

Sorry for not posting so often, I’ll promise to start posting more often. To make up to you I have next week 3 videos! Really exciting since I love filming. All that will be next week, but today I have a little review.

Last week I bought a concealer, the Maybeline superstay 24h. I have the light shade. In the shop I tried it on my hand and I already saw it was a great coverage. I didn’t really believe the 24h thing because I have a oily skin so concealers normally don’t last that long.

The packaging is like a typical Maybeline one. Glass and white letters and the Maybeline band.


The first time I tried it I used way to much,  you only need a little bit of the product. The coverage is really good, it matches my skintone too. The formula is quite thick but it doesn’t feel thick on your skin at all. I’ll show you the coverage.

Without concealer:


With concealer:


On to the long lasting part. As I said before I never find a concealer that last a whole day. Now I tried this without powder and it lasted a whole day but it started to fade a little bit. When I tried it with powder it lasted all day perfectly without fading. Even when you sweat a lot it lasts.

After a whole day of school:


I personally would buy this again and I would also recommend this till the fullest. So if you can get one somewhere. Get it!

Sorry it wasn’t that long but I still hope you enjoyed it.

Lots of love,

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