Tutorial | Dark Purple Cat Eye

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Today I have a tutorial of this eye look. It is basically a dark purple cat eye. Want to know how to create this look? Carry on reading.

First you have to prime your eyelid. I used Catrice Prime and Fine – Eyeshadow base


Now you can start with your base colour, I choose a taupe colour. This is Catrice – I wear my plum glasses at night (longest name for an eyeshadow ever ). You put this colour all over the lid.



Then take a little bit of tape and place this the way you want your wing to point.


Take a tiny bit of the purple eyeshadow. And when I say a tiny bit I mean really tiny. I used Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow – Al Burgundy. You are now going to draw the wing, start on the outer corner of your eye and draw it along with the tape. You can choose yourself how big you want your wing. Then connect it to your crease.



When you have done that, you can fill it in and again take a tiny bit. Now really start blending your wing into the outer V of your eyelid.


You can remove the tape now and with a clean brush you can blend the harsh line a little bit.


Take an angled brush to put a bit of the purple under your eye.


To finish it of I took Yves Roucher – Kohl Eyeliner in my top and bottom waterline and L’Oréal – Miss Manga Mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes.

And you are done!!

07 08

DSC03159 DSC03131

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